How to get best barcode quality printing

How to get best barcode quality printing

May 21, 2020

Barcodes have become indispensable in manufacturing, logistics, eCommerce and trade. They accelerate data collection, prevent input errors and even control entire systems. But this form of industrial automation only works if barcode scanners and cameras can read your barcode without errors easily.

Sky Global Private Limited provides its customers with all the right tools for product marking and coding: from label printers and barcode labels/stickers to labeling systems and inkjet printers.

We therefore know the pitfalls of barcode readability and would like to share some tips for you to prevent common causes of bar code failure of reading!

Print high-contrast

High-contrast prints are easier to capture by scanners & HHD Device. Avoid light-colored barcodes on light-colored backgrounds and dark barcodes on dark backgrounds.

Certain barcode color combinations are also particularly unfavorable (e.g. red on white or black on blue). The best contrast is achieved with a black barcode on a white or any others light colours, non-transparent background.

Matte surfaces

Glossy materials such as lacquered cardboard, aluminum cans or film paper can affect readability, as they often do not optimally reflect the scanner’s infrared light or diffuse it too much.

Try the following trick: Print the barcode inverted by reversing the colors. Instead of printing the black lines, print the white gaps!

Dust Free Label

Make Sure your label is dust free, else it will damage your printer head. the printer itself can reduce the print quality if, for example, the nozzles and heating elements are dirty or damaged.

Ensure proper print quality

If parts of the barcode are damaged, it is no longer readable by barcode scanners and cameras. If you are using a label printer, check your thermal printing process:

Direct thermal prints are not very durable as the label paper is sensitive to heat, abrasion and light. Thermal transfer direct prints are much more durable.

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